Announcement: WebOffice Flex Client will replace the Mobile Client

Announcement: WebOffice Flex Client will replace the Mobile Client

The flex client impresses with its modern ease of use and extensive functionality. Especially the new application capabilities on touch-enabled devices, such as tablets and smartphones, are highly appreciated. The positive feedback from you and the successful project implementation testify the success of our concept. At the same time, the use cases overlap with the mobile client. It is therefore a logical step to combine the strengths of both clients in one extended flex client.

For you as a WebOffice mobile customer this means:

  • The WebOffice mobile client will be replaced by the flex client
  • Workflows from the mobile client (crosshairs, snapping, stylus support, custom tools,...) are continuously implemented in the flex client.
  • With the flex client you use the Esri JavaScript API and are therefore technologically up-to-date and future-proof.

The schedule for this is:

  • WebOffice 10.7:
    • This is the latest release with active mobile client support and enhancements. After this, only bug fixes are performed on the mobile client (see product lifecycle).
  • WebOffice major release 2020:
    • Mobile client “mature” status
    • Extended flex client release with integrated mobile client functions
  • WebOffice major release 2021
    • Mobile client “retired” status
    • From this point on it will no longer be possible to obtain a mobile client license. Bugfixes will only be performed for a service fee.


If you are holding a mobile client license, you can switch to the new flex client free of charge at any time up to major release 2021. After the exchange you have the possibility to use the mobile client for another 12 months until you have finished your flex client projects. If you have any questions, you can of course, also contact your WebOffice sales partner.

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