Free ArcGIS Performance calibration tool availabe

Free ArcGIS Performance calibration tool availabe

The successor of MXDPerfStat is ready to download ...

Ever wonder how long your Desktop application takes to render mapped features on a layer to layer basis? Or have you ever needed to know the time it takes to edit mapped features from a particular edit version?


A new tool, PerfQAnalyzer, can help assist users in capturing such performance information. Moreover, this tool even has built in functionality to optionally enable a database trace (Oracle), unique to your workflow and Desktop application. The PerfQAnalyzer  tool is a free, unsupported, downloadable tool offered to the Esri user community which can run as a stand-alone ArcGIS Engine application or as an ArcMap add-in. The workflows captured within the tool are fully automatable and can be scripted and executed simply at the command prompt or within ArcMap. To help assist users in working with the tool, we will author a series of technical articles, highlighting the four areas of functionality, Time Rendering, Creating Editing Scripts, Capturing Fetch Data times and Enabling an Oracle Database trace.  We hope you enjoy the tool as much as the Esri Performance Engineering Team does!

PerfQAnalyzer for ArcGIS 10.0

PerfQAnalyzer for ArcGIS 9.3

Disclaimer:  This tool is not supported by technical support; any questions or feedback regarding the tool should be forwarded to this address

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