What’s new in WebOffice 10.6 R2

What’s new in WebOffice 10.6 R2

WebOffice author standalone now with improved performance and more comfort for the user. Core client users benefit from numerous new functionalities.

WebOffice author standalone

The new WebOffice author standalone, which was already introduced in WebOffice 10.5, does not only offer the most important features of the well-established WebOffice author, but also provides a variety of new options and improvements. It is therefore an enhanced version of the WebOffice author, not least because of the significantly increased performance.

First wizards implemented – new assistant for the generic configuration mode

The WebOffice author standalone now provides most wizards, which are implemented in the well- established WebOffice author, such as Adding a Map Service, Editing or Identify/Select-Wizard. Additionally it now provides a new assistant that offers improved usability and greater convenience in generic editing mode with the help of color highlighting.

Improved performance and usability as arguments for author standalone

In addition to the implementation of well-known functions the WebOffice author standalone has some new features, which provide faster performance and an increased usability. WebOffice author standalone is an independent Desktop-application, that is compatible and interacts with ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro. For using the advantages of modern data sharing patterns using ArcGIS Enterprise, a step by step migration to ArcGIS Pro is recommended. WebOffice 10.6 R2 and WebOffice author standalone accompany you during this migration by interacting seamlessly with ArcGIS applications.

In addition, the performance has improved significantly. The immediate display of XML-validation errors and the deletion of layers, including all references, also increases the comfort and productivity for the administrator. Further advantages of the WebOffice author standalone are:

  • Comprehensive filtering options
  • Auto-backup of the project configuration
  • Display and Deletion of references
  • Automated file creation for support request
  • And many more…


Core Client

Range slider is now also available for attributes

The new range slider in WebOffice 10.6 R2 offers the possibility to interactively visualize areas of a layer. It is now possible to filter data due to the characteristics of certain attributes. For example, it is possible to display only objects in a building in a certain height range or to filter the objects according to the floor level.

Extension of the selection symbology for lines

In WebOffice 10.6 R2, the symbology of the selected lines can now be configured even more extensively in both WebOffice author and ArcMap. The selection symbology of each line can be changed on multiple layers as Simple Line or Line Marker.

Possibility to measure 3D-areas in ArcGIS WebScene Custom Tool

With each new ArcGIS version ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Online web scenes enjoy numerous innovations. These innovations can also be used in WebOffice through the integration of WebScenes. For example, the user has now full access to the new measuring tools, which allow measuring 3D-areas and volumes. These measuring functions show insights, which cannot be derived from a plain map view.

Support of charts as custom tools

Three new custom tools for creating charts now allow a WebOffice administrator to present data in a visually attractive way for end users to make better decisions. The total number of features, the number of features in the visible area and the sums of attributes can be displayed in the charts.

Note: Bugfixes and extensions (including the functional extension of the new WebOffice flex client and the new WebOffice author standalone) are only available from WebOffice 10.6 R2 onwards; Updates/patches for WebOffice 10.6  are only available in exceptional cases. The support of all ArcGIS versions, relevant in practise and still supported by Esri, enables WebOffice customers in maintenance to use the advantages and innovations of WebOffice 10.6 R2 by a simple upgrade without having to update the underlying ArcGIS version.

Range slider also available for attributes

Extension of the selection symbology for lines

WebScene Custom Tool

Charts as custom tool

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