What´s New in WebOffice 10.6 R2 SP1

What´s New in WebOffice 10.6 R2 SP1

WebOffice 10.6 R2 SP1 delivers exciting new features for the Core Client, Flex Client, WebOffice author standalone as well as in the operational management. It is therefore much easier to use for users as well as for WebOffice-administrators.

Core: WebScene functionality will be further enhanced  - Usability improvements for users 

It is now possible to set bookmarks to show certain WebScene views. Due to the new integration of textures, WebScenes look even more realistic. Furthermore, SceneLayers can be integrated into the WebOffice-Custom Tool. This Servicepack also contains usability improvements: It is now possible to pass selected features to the Measuring Tool – complicated areas do not have to be measured from point to point anymore.

Flex: Extended supported service types, more comfortable handling

With the integration of ArcGIS Feature Services and Vector Tile Services in the Flex client, two new promising service types are now available. Some of the existing tools are now also optimized: It is now possible to print dynamic legends and search for coordinates with the help of the tool known from the Core Client. There is also a new full-text search function that allows to search for all results.

WebOffice author standalone: Functional range is growing continuously

After several wizards known from the well-established WebOffice author were introduced in the last release of WebOffice 10.6 R2, the range has now been expanded even further: The “Set Queries” is just another major assistant. In addition, it is now possible to add all layers to a node such as "Search/Query on Layer" in generic edit mode.

WebOffice administration: Information on the Java version and easier handling while using security certificates

With the beginning of the coming year there will be a change in the long-term support of Java, which will also have effects on the use of your WebOffice application. SynerGIS recommends the use of Java JDK 11 or later as of WebOffice 10.6 R2 SP1, which will remain free of charge. The release cycle of new Java JDK major releases will be carried out in a 3-month cycle starting in 2019.

However, Oracle JDK 8 will no longer have free updates for commercial use from January 2019. This is risky when used for production systems, as security updates will no longer be used to fix possible security gaps, as these updates will be subject to a charge from then on.

If WebOffice is used in combination with a secure connection, the following new function will certainly suit you as the administrator of your WebOffice application: Starting with the new version of WebOffice, it is now possible to import and manage SSL certificates via the administration page "SynAdmin". This also ensures that after an update of the Java version (new Java certificate store), the connection in the WebOffice application continues to be classified as trustworthy, since WebOffice also has its own certificate store for your SSL certificates.

Transfer Selections to Core Client

Author standalone: Add all layers with just one click

WebOffice administration page for managing certificates

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