What’s new in WebOffice 10.6 R2 SP2

What’s new in WebOffice 10.6 R2 SP2

WebOffice 10.6 R2 SP2 brings exciting new features in the Core client, Flex client, author standalone and improved operational management.

Core client 

In contrast to planar measurement, geodetic measurement considers area and length distortions, since the shortest line between two points on the earth's surface is determined using an ellipsoid. This makes the measurement much more accurate. The geodetic measurement is available in the new Core and Flex clients based on ArcGIS API for JavaScript technology. 


Filtering and searching the Table of Content (TOC) makes it easier to search for layer or layer groups in particularly large projects. 

WebOffice Core client based on ArcGIS API for JavaScript

The new Core client is initially called via the "&client=corejs parameter" and is currently in "Public Beta" status. Nothing will change for your rolled out projects as long as you don't want to. We look forward to your feedback on the improved appearance and the new functions!

Flex client 

The Flex client now supports static WebOffice custom tools (third-party tools) and geodetic measurement.

WebOffice author standalone 

WebOffice projects can now also be saved as ArcGIS web maps. This makes further use in the ArcGIS platform (e.g. Portal for ArcGIS) even easier. In the User Management area, the uniqueness of the map services can be checked before staging and the mapping entries can be stored as JSON files. With the function "check all projects" the project status is already checked in the author. This is particularly helpful when administrating several projects simultaneously. 

Operational management  

In WebOffice user management there is a new enhancement for the authentication types "SSO" and "LDAP". Now it is possible to extend the aggregated groups from the Active Directory by group membership from the WebOffice user management database.

Current information about the Java version  

At the beginning of the year there was a change in the long-term support of Java, which also has effects on WebOffice. Since the beginning of the year there are no more free updates for Oracle JDK 8 for commercial use. This is not recommended for use in production systems, as security vulnerabilities can no longer be fixed by free security updates. SynerGIS currently recommends at least Java OpenJDK 11, which remains free.  

A complete list of all new features for WebOffice 10.6 R2 SP2 can be found in the corresponding chapter of our WebOffice Online User Manual

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