What’s new in WebOffice 10.6

What’s new in WebOffice 10.6

The new WebOffice Major Release 10.6 is now available to our customers and partners and offers the following highlights:

ArcGIS Enterprise Support 

Support for ArcGIS 10.6 (Desktop + Enterprise) 

With the new WebOffice Release you also benefit from ArcGIS 10.6, which was released at the beginning of the year. Also, all ArcGIS versions from version 10.2.1. onwards are still supported. ArcGIS Enterprise support includes the use of WebOffice with ArcGIS Enterprise with a federated server and ArcGIS Server running on a single machine. 

New in WebOffice 10.6 is support for true single sign-on authentication when running WebOffice and ArcGIS Enterprise on a federated server using integrated Windows authentication. This allows you to continue to use WebOffice in conjunction with ArcGIS Enterprise functionalities for 3D web scene integration and selected spatial analysis tools. For the use of WebOffice with ArcGIS Enterprise with a federated server the ArcGIS version 10.6 is recommended.  

Core Client 

Support for Map Rotation  
This new feature is mainly aimed at WebOffice projects for plant and industrial sites where spatial conditions must be viewed from different points of the compass.  

Possibility to edit features of a WFS-T service 
WFS services, which also support transaction operations, enable the creation, editing and deletion of objects in addition to reading and querying information. Such WFS-T services can now also be used in WebOffice 10.6 to provide additional interaction options for end users.  

New extensions for the Custom Tool to integrate 3D web scenes 
Since WebOffice 10.4 SP1 3D ArcGIS web scenes can be integrated in your projects. New is now the extension of the web scenes by different functions and tools, such as the three-dimensional measurement of a direct line, a shading representation, a basemap selection or the display of a legend and a table of content. 

New Custom Tool examples
WebOffice 10.6 extends its range of delivered Custom Tool examples, which you can use directly or adapt to your requirements: 

  • Mapillary©: In the WebOffice core Client you can use this tool to view georeferenced photos in 360° views from a street perspective. 
  • PlexMap 3D©: With this tool you can performantly display 3D geodata with an easy-to-use viewer.
  • MapViewSlider: Use a slider to conveniently change the map view to be displayed. This alternative switching option of the map views is an advantage, for example, when changing floors in buildings.  

Flex Client 

Support for ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.6 
Benefit from the latest version of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.6 in the flex client. 

Smartphone GUI for WebOffice flex client (BETA) 
Starting with WebOffice 10.6, an initial interface optimized for smartphones in BETA stage is available in addition to the GUI for tablets. We are looking forward to your feedback!

WebOffice author standalone 
The WebOffice author standalone is a new desktop application replacing the previous WebOffice author on the long term. The new author receives the status “focused release” with WebOffice 10.6. This allows functional work in generic editing mode with existing WebOffice project configurations.  

Some highlights:  

  • Compatibility with ArcGIS Pro and ArcMapModern graphical user interface 
  • Significant performance improvement 
  • Comprehensive filtering options
  • Auto-backup of the project configuration 
  • Display and deletion of references 
  • Immediate display in case of XML validation errors 
  • Automated file creation for support request 
  • And many more…

New Full-Text Search Application 

With a new version of the full-text search application, WebOffice 10.6 also brings new features in terms of data security and reliability. For systems that are configured with a load balancer for load balancing or failover purposes, the full-text search application can now also fully support these scenarios. In addition, both scenarios can be configured via an encrypted connection (SSL/TLS) so that the data used by the full-text search is secured and protected.  

Note: Bugfixes and extensions (including the functional extension of the new WebOffice flex client and the new WebOffice author standalone) are only available from WebOffice 10.6 onwards; Updates/patches for WebOffice 10.5 are only available in exceptional cases. See also the WebOffice Produkt Life Cycle.

Custom Tool to integrate 3D web scenes

New Custom Tool "Mapillary"

New Custom Tool PlexMap 3D

Smartphone GUI for WebOffice flex client

WebOffice author standalone: Projects

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