What’s new in WebOffice 10.7 SP1

What’s new in WebOffice 10.7 SP1

WebOffice 10.7 SP1 offers various improvements in tools such as editing, network trace, Multi-MapTip and printing. The SynerGIS Printing Tools have also been updated.

Core Client now uses ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.13

The migration to the ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.13 has led to improvements especially in the VectorTileLayers and SceneLayers. A number of improvements have been made to tools such as editing, network trace, Multi-MapTip, printing, standalone authoring and the Flex Client.

In addition, the new custom tool "Profile Service Austria" allows to create elevation profiles without having to integrate a terrain model. Different states of WMTS services can be displayed with a range slider. This is made possible by the dimension parameter type "Time".  

Full text search: The best of global and thematic full-text search combined

In addition to the global full text search (search within all activated search layers activated) and the thematic full text search (search in a specific search layer), there is now a new concept which combines the advantages of both options: The full text search in a thematic group now allows to search in a set of previously defined topics (e.g. addresses for layers such as places, streets or addresses or water for water pipes, hydrants or pumps).

SynerGIS Printing Tools as BETA 2: Index plotting now also available

Since WebOffice 10.7 it is possible not only to print via WebOffice SOE (Server Object Extension) but also via SynerGIS Printing Tools. The most important printing functions were already implemented with WebOffice 10.7, with this service pack index plotting is also available. SynerGIS Printing Tools are now in the BETA 2 phase. Some improvements have been made based on your feedback. More features are being added on an ongoing base. We are looking forward to your feedback!

WebOffice Author Standalone: Wizard range extended once again

With the integration wizard for creating hyperlinks, external applications and ProOffice links, another wizard from the WebOffice author is now also available in standalone mode.

A complete list of all new features can be found in the corresponding chapter of our WebOffice Online User Manual.

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