Whats New in WebOffice 10.9

Whats New in WebOffice 10.9

A new version of WebOffice is now available. With the latest release all libraries have been upgraded to the latest standard. In addition, WebOffice now complies with recent security standards and features the latest ESRI ArcGIS API for JavaScript. The functionality of the VertiGIS Printing Tools has been further extended and includes now almost all known function fields.

Invisible for the end user, several important updates have been implemented to the WebOffice core. By adding Content Security Directives, WebOffice 10.9 fulfils all security standards. Additionally, the Esri ArcGIS API for JavaScript has been adapted and is now on version 4.19. With the support of WFS 2.0 another important OGC standard has been implemented. 

WebScene receives another update 

With the use of the new Esri ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.19, new functions are also available in the WebScene custom tool. It is now possible to display only certain floors of a building by using the Floor Filter widget. Another new feature is the Elevation Profile. Here, elevation profile lines can be displayed for both the terrain and the surface model. 


VertiGIS Printing - functionality is again growing  

After VertiGIS Printing has been in focused release status since WebOffice 10.8 SP1, the feature set has been further extended. Special attention has been paid to the function fields, which now include almost all function fields known from WebOffice Printing.

All new features can be found in our user manual.

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