What’s New WebOffice 10.4 SP1

What’s New WebOffice 10.4 SP1

The current WebOffice Release 10.4 is now available. Enjoy numerous benefits and new functions:

Core Client:

Basemap Switcher

It is now possible to configure multiple basemaps that can be added to existing operational layers in the Core client or Mobile client. Therefore an appropriate dropdown menu – the so-called ‘Basemap Switcher’ - will be visible in the project center of the Core client, from which you can select the configured basemaps and also can switch between the basemaps within the same map view. 

Embedded Google Street View 

Integrate the Google Street View widget showing panoramic views from positions along streets. The Google Street View widget is implemented as a custom tool in WebOffice based on a ScriptAPI.

  • Use the arrows or your location in the map to change your position (further 360°-photos need to be available in the surrounding area)
  • Change your viewing direction or the field of vision using the respective icons

Google Street View widget with symbol and cone of view in the main map display

Navigation elements for jumping to the next/previous picture

Changing the field of vision in the Google Street View widget and the cone of view in the main map display

Web-Scene integration in the Core Client

Integrate an ArcGIS Web Scene - this is particularly useful to make 3D data available for visualization and analysis purposes. Web Scene is implemented as a custom tool in WebOffice based on a ScriptAPI.

WebOffice Core client with Web Scene window in the right half of the main map display

Advanced printing functions:

  • Seamless Multipage-Print with cover page
  • Dynamic WMS/WMTS-based legends 
  • Define printing area with a flexible scale by dragging a rectangle
  • [Enhanced Esri printing support: Print area preview]

Advanced editing functions:

  • New topologic relation „next feature“
  • Support for different file formats at topologic object assignment
  • Define attribute-specific constraints for editing geometry and attributes 
  • Assign editing function „Create and Assign“ via spatial intersect
  • Assign snapping layer angle on points
  • Name of editing user
  • Suppress timestamp for CREATE_DAT/CHANGE_DAT 
  • Edit objects directly after creating them

Mobile Client:

  • Button for language change available
  • "Right to Left" (RTL) support, e.g. for Arabic
  • Time-triggered map updates when using Geolocation
  • Script API to control WebOffice functions
  • Progress bar when loading pages 


  • Authentication via local user database if LDAP fails
  • Integrating UMDB with SQLite is now possible
  • Secure interface to read LDAP/UM attributes 

Landing Page:

New „minified Landing Page“

A "minified Landing Page" shows available projects based on the user roles (WebOffice usermanagement needs to be active). Link-lists show your individual project roles.

Minified Landing Page showing project roles

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