The flex Client is a WebGIS reduced to the essentials. The intuitive interface is ideal for users without in-depth GIS knowledge. GIS professionals benefit from a tool for specialized vertical tasks.

The most important functions at a glance

Precise data capturing in the field (snapping to geodata or GPS position)

Define individual search masks, e.g. cross-layer full-text search with auto-completion

Define reports & print functions - use results as pdf

Extensive editing functions with customized input options (touch, mouse or crosshairs) for desktop or mobile device use

Overlay map contents on the basis of an elevation model and explore them in three dimensions

Identify/select/query (ad-hoc and predefined)

Mark/highlight places and share map sections by mail

Perform point, distance and area measurements

Integrate external applications and tools

The flex Client in Practice The following publicly accessible projects offer you an insight into the flex Client. Would you like to see more projects? Then send us a non-binding inquiry by contact form (below).

Flex Client as city map of Graz (Test the flex Client yourself)

Flex Client as city map of Innsbruck (Test the flex Client yourself)

Flexible areas of application

Ideal use as citizen GIS, online city map, focused questions for infrastructure management, industry, trade, telecommunications,...


All tools are individually adapted: Edit, Identify, Spatial Selection, Measure, Bookmark, Draw, Locate,...

Stay technologically up-to-date

Thanks to regular updates you are always up to date. With the FlexJS you use the latest web technology: JavaScript API, HTML5 Standard, 3D Web Scenes, ...