With map widget you integrate WebOffice as a map window into an existing homepage or web application. You define the scope of functions individually according to your project requirements.

User functions

  • Visual control by geocoding an address entry
  • environment search
  • Visualization of status information
  • Identify objects and transfer them to your business application
  • Create geo objects and change their properties
  • Trigger combined thematic/local queries even preconfigured
  • Change the used map basis interactively

JavaScript integration tasks

  • Transfer of an address to the mapping engine for geocoding and display
  • Transferring the coordinates from the map window into the application
  • Passing an object or environment search to the map widget
  • Opening the object data mask of a selection of the map widget in the object data application
  • Change of the WebOffice project due to a content change in the business application
  • Calling a report with transfer of a selection

Basic features

  • Callback for perfect control in the workflow
  • Access to standard WebOffice projects and views
  • Support for dynamic and/or tiled maps, including OpenStreetMap
  • Georeferencing of addresses (Esri World Geolocator)
  • Zoom to coordinates (WGS84)
  • identify
  • Creation and modification of geoobjects including attribution
  • Interactive line and surface selection
  • Single sign-on user login

The most important functions at a glance

Embedded in any web application - seamless process integration

Cross-platform for desktop/mobile or mouse/touch operation

Scope of functions can be individually adapted via JavaScript API

Extends data-centric applications with map functions

Supports single sign-on user login

Use existing WebOffice projects and work productively in the shortest time

The map widget in practice The following publicly accessible projects offer you an insight into the map widget. Would you like to see more projects? Then send us a non-binding inquiry by contact form (below).

Network information on the homepage of Gas Connect Austria (test the map widget yourself)

Booking system for market stands in the city of Graz (test the map widet yourself – in German language)