With WebOffice you extend the WebGIS of Esri with additional configuration options and customized user interfaces (clients). In doing so, you benefit from extended functions that have arisen from many years of project experience with our customers.

Advantages at a glance The following requirements are highlighted by our customers as particularly important:

Functional added value

You use all functions, clients, apps,... of ArcGIS PLUS WebOffice and benefit at the same time from its targeted administrative, functional and integrative additional developments.

Time saving

You reduce your know-how requirements, reduce the administrative effort and thus have more time for content-related and analytical work.

Risk minimization

You are using a product maintained for future releases for enterprise use. In this way you benefit from financial and functional planning security compared to an individual project solution.

Extend and customize workflows WebOffice is a WebGIS optimized for your requirements. Some important workflows that take advantage of these benefits:

  • Maintain and administer WebGIS functions centrally
  • Offer real multilingualism
  • Operating high-end plot functions
  • Additional software interfaces: Integrate external systems, use standard formats
  • Advanced user management: Refined control of access rights
  • Browser-based editing & construction
  • Present professionally with your own reports
  • Use optimized workflows also in Esri products

WebOffice user interfaces All WebOffice clients have something in common: ONE project configuration can be used by ALL clients! This allows you to work with the client that best suits your current task:

Starter-friendly: The Flex Client

The flex Client is a WebGIS for desktop and mobile device reduced to the essentials. Ideal for users without in-depth GIS knowledge. GIS professionals benefit from an ideal tool for specialized / vertical tasks.

The flex Client

In-depth: The Core Client

Our client for "power users" on the desktop PC with the highest demands. Extensive tools enable a multitude of GIS functions, which you can easily overlook via the multi-function bar.

The Core Client

100% integrated: The Map Widget

With the map widget you integrate WebOffice as a map window into an existing homepage or web application. You define the scope of functions individually according to your project requirements.

The map widget

Technologically up-to-date WebOffice has been available since 2002 as an extension for the latest ArcGIS server technology. This is a very long period in terms of IT and its innovation cycles.

Your requirement: Individual functions, little maintenance effort

For an optimal enterprise integration you may need functionalities or workflows that are not offered out-of-the-box by the ArcGIS platform. The disadvantage of individual in-house developments is that they are time-consuming, costly and risky in terms of maintenance. 

Added value through a product maintained by us

Thanks to regular updates you benefit from the latest technologies, remain compatible and work with the current ArcGIS version. Our tried and tested functions enable fast and cost-effective project implementation. In addition, you take all innovations with you.

Hosting in the cloud or in-house

Take advantage of our hosting and cloud offering and benefit from operational and IT security as well as guaranteed software updates. Or run WebOffice within your IT infrastructure yourself and with your own update cycles.