WebOffice Addons and Partner Modules

You can easily combine the following software products with WebOffice. Your application is not included? No problem, with the WebOffice interfaces you can easily connect other web applications and databases!


From: BARAL Geohaus-Consulting AG

  • Create input masks accessing direct database connections and ArcGIS server connections.
  • Edit graphical objects with complex attribute data on the Web.
  • Cadastral administration with the Web GEN extension real estate book (connectable with WebOffice).



  • Software for infrastructure management and water management
  • Online GIS information on network tracking, freely definable longitudinal sections and inspection & remediation graphics

WebOffice pipe

From: VertiGIS GmbH and ONG-IT

  • Extending the PODS (Pipeline Open Data Standard) with GIS information
  • Use intelligent rules to store pipeline related geometry and attribute data
  • Efficient execution of required workflows in the pipeline environment


From: BARAL Geohaus-Consulting AG

  • Using Dimensioning and Labeling of Vectorized Features in WebOffice.
  • In the background, Web CODI uses ESRI's ArcGIS Server technology to access the participating feature classes online.
  • Direct transfer of information and objects from WebOffice to Web GEN without the need to refresh the page.


From: Geocom by VertiGIS

  • Expand the Esri ArcGIS Server technology with the GEONIS Server to include specialist solutions such as network functions.
  • Use Identify masks directly in WebOffice and carry out editing processes directly.


From: VertiGIS GmbH and KMS Computer GmbH 

  • Software for infrastructure and facility management with GIS and CAD integration
  • Integrate the WebOffice Map Widget (map window)
  • Allow direct jumps from ProOffice to WebOffice and vice versa


From: BARAL Geohaus-Consulting AG

  • UT Server is a special product which is used in the Utility environment.
  • Use network and specialist information via theme-based apps.
  • Provide network information, network calculation, crisis information, fault reporting system, network planning and other functions in WebOffice.


From: iNovitas AG

  • Analyzing digital twins on the basis of georeferenced 3D images web-based in WebOffice
  • Play image sequences, make measurements in the image and other interesting features


From: Mapillary AG

  • Embed geo-referenced photos and 360° images in maps
  • This allows a better assessment of the situation and situation on site