WebOffice at the Federal Ministry of the Interior

The Ministry of the Interior (BM.I) is Austrias supreme Security Authority and with about 30.000 employees/staff amongst the ministries with the largest headcount.

Geographically located and analyzable information is vital for security related tasks. These range from crime analysis via tactical operations planning to emergency/disaster management and protection of critical infrastructure. Every User of BM.I and the Federal Police Forces does have web based access to "his/her" relevant information.

GIS-supported processes at BM.I:

  • Facilitate Basedata (Orthos, Topografic maps) plus specific operational data (criminal records, accidents, special departments, ...)
  • Tasks: Query, Search, Edit, Upload of geodata, Print/plot, Coordinate queries, localizing calls for service, jurisdiction areas, visualization of deployed resources in real-time, …
  • Analysis and Tabulation, z.B.: Choropleth maps, additional basedata for special scenarios, criminal statistics, accident data, Visualized radio coverage, ...
  • Integration of a service to localize police radio

WebOffice has proven very useful in extraordinary situations, where live-tracking of radios offers an operational picture right away. This operational picture can be disseminated via Web and used by authorized users all over the country. Long-term information/collections (criminal records, accidents) are made available at BM.I and the Federal Police.


Overview WebOffice References

  • Customer
    BM.I - Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior

  • Market
    Authorities/Public Safety

  • Annual Usage
    approx. 30.000 Users

  • Point of contact
    VertiGIS GmbH
    Tel: +43 (0)59908-0