Digital city map in Bruck/Mur: Always at hand on your PC or smartphone

The digital city map implemented with the WebOffice Flex client allows easy orientation and information on addresses, facilities, traffic information, public offerings and much more.

The recently published WebGIS provides citizens with data and information on 5,082 buildings, 3,907 addresses, 258 km of road network and 85.36 km2 of land-use. The WebOffice Flex client guarantees a simple and uniform operating concept on a wide range of devices from desktop PCs and tablets to smartphones - in both German and English. In addition, users can not only query the location of facilities, but also receive further information via a link to the respective homepage.

A special technical feature of the implementation is that the city map does not run on the local (internal) ArcGIS and WebOffice GIS infrastructure, but on the SynerGIS GeoPortal. Thanks to our hosting, the city of Bruck/Mur benefits from maximum operational reliability, secure scalability with high access rates and regular updates carried out by us.

We congratulate the GIS team of the city administration of Bruck/Mur and Markus Noll on their successful project implementation!

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    City of Bruck/Mur (Austria)

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    Hosting in SynerGIS GeoPortal

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    VertiGIS GmbH
    Tel: +43 (0)59908-0