WebGIS of the City of Graz - Citizen Service at its best

The number of map printouts is a measurable value for this demand. In 2013 alone, 64,000 printouts were generated from the services offered - 1/3 of them by citizens on the Internet. We constantly evaluate where there is demand and develop our services

Geodata Graz provides basic resources and decision support information to policy makers, consultants, interested parties and citizens of Graz, as well as to the employees of the city in numerous departments.

The cadastral office of Graz ("Stadtvermessungsamt") provides numerous Geodata services with WebOffice. Currently, there are close to 110 Services available to the public via Internet or as internal services to the city administration via Intraweb. Those services have become an indispensable part of services offered.. This saves time and resources (like travel costs) - for citizens and city staff alike!

WebGIS-Offerings in Graz:

  • Most popular Services: CityMap, CycleMap, Barrier-free Graz (Parking, ...), Safety & Security Map (First Aid, Defibrillator), ...
  • Services for commercial users: Zoning & urban development plan, Protected land, Tree cadaster, ...
  • Intranet-applications: Quality of life indicator maps, Road signs, Parking meters, ...
  • Special/planned services: Elections, E-Mobility stations, City Map "Sports", City Map "Health", ...

The online city map uses the flex client and is popular due to its intuitive pre-defined Searches and the amount of additional information that is linked to results. Erwin Wieser, Manager Online Services at Stadtvermessungsamt Graz: "The number of prints/plots is a measurable indicator for this demand. In 2013 more than 64.000 prints/plots have been made from the services offered - about 1/3 by citizens via Internet. We constantly analyze were demand comes from and keep evolving our offerings."


Overview WebOffice References

  • Customer
    City of Graz (2nd largest City in Austria)

  • Market
    Authorities/City Government

  • Annual usage:
    aprox. 370.000 users 
    aprox. 380.000 Queries/Searches
    aprox. 64.000 prints/plots 

  • Point of contact:
    VertiGIS GmbH
    Tel: +43 (0)59908-0