Construction progress monitoring at Haya Water

Implementing a sewage system implies a considerable amount of road excavations. WebOffice helps to monitor these excavations and reduce related traffic obstructions.

Haya water develops, operates and maintains wastewater facilities in Muscat Governorate of Oman. The re-use of treated wastewater is a primary objective to improve the health of all citizens, reduce pollution and prevent the spread of diseases and epidemics. Re-using treated wastewater also contributes in maintaining the water reservoir and preventing groundwater pollution. To re-use wastewater efficiently, a sewer network covering almost the whole city area of Muscat is actually being constructed.

Requirements: Customization and fast implementation

To minimize restrictions on the daily traffic, all road excavations for constructing the sewer network have to be monitored and documented. With more than 50 contractors working simultaneously in various city districts, this task is quite complex. Therefore, Haya Water Management needed a GIS-based system with full customization up-and-running within a short period of time. It was mandatory for this system to be configuration based and accessible without specific programming skills. In addition, the large number of construction contractors required an advanced user management.

Solution: The TRMS System based on WebOffice and ArcGIS

Esri Muscat and the GIS Team at Haya Water coordinated the “Road Trenching and Reinstating Monitoring System” (TRMS). This WebGIS Application is bases on SynerGIS WebOffice on top of ArcGIS by Esri Inc. The key functionality is to track status, time monitoring, issue e-mail notifications in case of delays and inspector approvals of the reinstatement. WebOffice ePaper allows to generate attractive reports, relevant informations are accessible in real-time via the Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS. A strict user management ensures that each contractor can only access construction sites and related datasets relevant to him.


The TRMS System is an important step for Muscat operating a world class Water Reuse system. By the year 2020 at least 80% of the properties should be connected. This brings enormous environmental benefits to the city and its residents.

  • Market
    Water Management

  • Users:
    Haya Water and > 50 contractors

  • Outstanding features:
    Customized road trenching and reinstating monitoring

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    VertiGIS GmbH
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