5 years of Esri and VertiGIS solutions at Stadtwerke Klagenfurt

With the completed migration, Stadtwerke Klagenfurt now disposes of a modern, future-proof IT framework

Stadtwerke Klagenfurt as pioneer for modern GIS systems in Austria

Stadtwerke Klagenfurt is a municipal service provider with around 900 employees in the fields of energy supply (electricity, district heating, gas), water, leisure, local transport, telecommunications, outdoor advertising and funeral services. For this wide range of tasks a GIS & FM system was introduced during the past few years by means of the ArcGIS platform in combination with the VertiGIS solutions WebOffice and ProOffice. This system enables, besides the central data storage, a centralized collection and service-based provision of information via web information. A special highlight is the data capturing of all equipment and fixtures with ArcGIS Pro based on the new technical possibilities of Contingent Values, Attribute Rules and Template based Editing. In the electricity, gas, water, district heating and telecom sectors, the Stadtwerke Klagenfurt now proudly plays a pioneering role in Austria!

Advantages of the ArcGIS platform over desktop-based solutions

Besides data collection, other ArcGIS platform functionalities such as WebApp Builder, Collector for ArcGIS, are used to simplify the deployment of the data to a broad user group. Some of these applications are also released for utilization by the citizens of Klagenfurt. With the help of these applications and the ArcGIS platform, a much greater benefit can be achieved than with a classic, stand-alone desktop solution. An example for the easy integration is the connection to the internal customer management system (SDK). This connection could be realized without any programming knowledge or own developments purely by configuring existing solutions.

Added value through combination of Esri and VertiGIS applications

Based on the Esri-based architecture, all employees of the various divisions benefit from easy-to-use web applications for information and planning implemented by VertiGIS WebOffice. Additionally, the results of land register queries are integrated with VertiGIS ProOffice. For the Stadtwerke Klagenfurt, this results in significant advantages, such as the homogenization and simplification of all work processes in a central system and the provision of information based on this information via services adapted to the situation.

Further expansion thanks to positive feedback

With ArcGIS Pro, employees now have an intuitive application that can be customized to meet the needs of their workflows. WebOffice again shows its full strength as a web information system for the municipal utilities, with the extended search and filter functions – but also the dxf (CAD) export is particularly popular. Further expansions are planned for the future, such as the utility network implementation and SAP integration.

  • Solutions:
    Esri ArcGIS
    VertiGIS WebOffice
    VertiGIS ProOffice

  • Managed objects
    60.000 customers electricity
    26,700 District heating connections
    1,800 Gas connections
    98% of water connections
    420 km of lines (telecommunications)

  • Editing users 
    ArcGIS Pro: 10 Users
    ProOffice: 250 Viewers, 90 editing Users
    WebOffice: 180 Users

  • Contact:
    VertiGIS GmbH
    Tel: +43 (0)59908-0