tirisMaps 2.0 – The Spatial Information System of the Tyrolean Government

Tiris is the central repository for any geodata used in different departments of the Tyrolian provincial Government. In total there is a collection of more than 400 Layers of data managed and disseminated with this system.

The functional range of tiris can be grouped into three mayor areas:

  • Basic features: Navigation, Selection, Search (incl. full-text), Identify, Maptip, Query
  • Output: Print/Plot, ePaper (digital Reports), Send maps/maplinks via mail, Word- and Excel-Export
  • Extended features: Use/Query coordinates, Draw & Measure (incl. 3D-profiles), Neighborhood-Analysis, Custom-Tools to individually manage/toggle pre-defined contextual Layer-combinations

Users of tirisMaps are diverse: While most government-internal users (government employees) are graded "experts", the level of expertise of public users (citizens) and occasional other "consumers" (like local businesses, craftsmen, industry, ...) is very variable. Taking this and operational considerations into account, a framework of technical requirements had to be met:

  • Implementation within a complex governmental IT-infrastructure and its strict (data and access) security obligations
  • Ability to integrate into a compound of several portals (PVP) - combined with WebOffice User Management and the existing User Management of the Tyrolian Government
  • Scalability in terms of performance and security
  • Multi-staged system for operational management

The current implementation with WebOffice guarantees a fail-safe and highly-available working environment for all users. On a regular working day approximately 90.000 maps are displayed during 6000 project-sessions and up to 2500 prints/plots are made. And this load is handled without problems.


Overview WebOffice References

  • Customer
    Tyrolian privincial Government

  • Market
    Local government

  • Usage per working day:
    approx. 90.000 maps, 
    6000 sessions,
    2500 prints/plots

  • Point of contact:
    VertiGIS GmbH
    Tel: +43 (0)59908-0