WebOffice at UPC Austria – let data flow

UPC, a leading supplier of broadband internet, TV and phone services in Austria, is an affiliated company of Liberty Global, Inc., part of the UPC Broadband Division. According to operational figures, UPC is providing close to 1.5 Mio. services to 733.000 customers in Austria.

This service infrastructure, enriched with operational database information is accessible through the internal WebGIS based on WebOffice. Geodata covering Schema-Plans, conducts and their geolocation are made available to technicians, the Network Operations Center for incident management, Marketing and the call-center agents for customer inquiries alike.

Typical WebGIS-processes at UPC:

  • Resourcing of Geodata (Orthos, Network, Conducts, Cables, ...)
  • Tasks: Edit, Search, Query, Print/Plot, ...
  • Reports: Dynamic ePaper Reports
  • Integration with Components, Elements, Circuit-diagrams, ...
  • Outage-Management: Tracing (Find connected, Trace up- and downstream)
  • Marketing analysis extension: (penetration research, service availability at any given location, ...)

"During this two-hour WebOffice "GISMARKETING" Workshop, I got answers to all the questions I kept asking and discussing with our IT for three years throughout numerous meetings!"
[Igor Schellander, UPC Austria, Head of Market Resarch & CRM B2B – Austria]

  • Market

  • Users:
    50-100 in-house any day

  • Point of contact:
    VertiGIS GmbH
    Tel: +43 512 26 20 60-0