WebOffice in use at voestalpine AG

voestalpine-Group is a global player in steelbased technology- and industry-goods, based in Linz, Austria.

Due to its premium quality products voest is a leading partner of the European auto and household appliance industries plus globally affiliated with the Oil & Gas industry. Spread over all 5 continents with locations in 50 countries the voestalpine group employs about 46.000 people.

voestalpine uses ArcGIS Server plus SynerGIS WebOffice since 2007 to build their own facility-information-system for all employees based on the available High-End GIS. Unique entry point into a variety of modular applications and projects is the Landing Page. Processes enriched or enabled with WebOffice are:

Facilitate Geodata

  • Basedata (traffic infrastructure, rail infrastructure, buildings, …), Specialized Data (ducts, cables, cranes, facilities, storage space, … ) and commercial data (Orthos, cadastral records)
  • Tasks: Infosystem, Query, Measure, Redline, Edit, …

Analysis / Tabulation

  • Traffic analysis, Supply- and transport chains
  • Neighborhood analysis
  • Flooding-simulations
  • Site Development plans, Infrastructure-analysis

Output / Reports

  • High-end Plots, dynamic ePaper Reports
  • CAD Documents

Application integration


This full spectrum is in use at 7 voestalpine Sites. More than 4000 people use WebOffice as their "Site-GIS". A mobile solution is under development to even better deliver information wherever needed.

  • Customer:
    voestalpine AG
  • Market
  • Users:
    More than 4000  annually
  • Point of contact:
    VertiGIS GmbH
    Tel: +43 (0)59908-0