Webcity Bregenz: A WebGIS portal facilitates cross-departmental collaboration

Who owns what? How deep is a cable buried? How are properties lying relatively to each other? Where is the exact location of a natural hazard zone? Are the distances sufficient to convert land zones? How many kindergarten places are available?

The employees of the city of Bregenz in Austria settle these and further questions with the geoportal Webcity Bregenz. The central data storage and a comprehensive user management facilitates the collaboration of 14 departments and 103 clerks (internal and external). Integrating an external document management system allowed a quick and easy overview all files, photos and other records linked to an object.  

Providing information as a citizen service

For public authorities providing data to the public is as important as organizing the internal collaboration. The city map of Bregenz provides information on many topics such as addresses, transport, education and environment.

Combination with ProOffice for process-driven tasks

The Webcity Portal is much more than “only” a WebGIS: The combination with ProOffice allows managing process-driven tasks. In this way, the responsible employees plan and control all measures regarding facility management, tree cadaster, public parks, energy management and the wastewater infrastructure.

Added value for the employees

The SynerGIS products simplify many civil service procedures and encourage well-structured working approaches. Thereby, decision makers obtain all information needed to evaluate a respective situation. In addition, the public available services, maps and datasets are being used intensively." explains Hans Bischof from the GIS department Bregenz.

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  • Costumer
    City of Bregenz

  • Market
    Local government

  • Usage per working day
    aprox. 1500 projects

  • Point of contact
    VertiGIS GmbH
    Tel: +43 (0)59908-0