A standard solution for over 1000 users daily

Wiener Netze is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wiener Stadtwerke Holding AG and, as such, is indirectly owned by the City of Vienna. With 6.700 km of gas pipes, 23.000 km electricity, nearly 1.200 km district heating plus 2.700 km fiber telco network there is a lot to keep an eye on ... round the clock!

User requirements towards IT regarding data access, print/plot, download, analysis, visualization, integration and interfacing are manifold. By experience and evaluation it became obvious that WebOffice fulfills nearly the full spectrum of requirements - including fine-grained user management and access rights while still offering straight forward and easy administration.

WebGIS processes at Wiener Netze:

  • Resourcing of Geodata (Ortho, Topo, Survey, Cadastre, ...)
  • Tasks: Search, Query, Trouble-ticketing, Print/Plot, ...
  • Network-data: Facilities, Trenches, Ducts, Cables, Switches, Valves,  ...
  • Provide plan-excerpts: Select by extent, choose Layers, rotate, Free Labeling, Export as pdf, dwg, ...
  • SAP-Integration for Proposals, planning, ...
  • Analysis /Simulation /Planning for Incidents, Emergencies, Hazards, ...

Starting in 2009 with 500 users, the step-by-step process to add new User groups and custom "views" to work with, there are now more than 1000 people daily working with WebGIS.

  • Customer
    Wiener Netze

  • Market

  • Users:
    about 1000 day-to-day

  • Outstanding features:
    High-End GIS via Web

  • Point of contact:
    VertiGIS GmbH
    Tel: +43 512 26 20 60-0