Where is what? How wide is ...? Who is the owner of ...? Questions like these can only be answered competently and promptly if you have all the data on planning, construction, operation and maintenance of your properties and facilities in view. You also look at figures on the operating business in a spatial context. This enables you to comply with legal requirements, ensure safety in the workplace and increase efficiency.

Requirements of our customers Benefit from our long-term project experience and the associated process know-how.

Provide geodata in a flexible WebGIS

View and edit your geodata in an easy-to-use WebGIS user interface via Internet browser. You can switch flexibly between desktop PC, tablet or smartphone.

Enable collaboration

As an industrial company, you maintain all information in a central location and share it in the company as a team. In a few steps you create projects with a role-based user concept and strict security requirements.

Use and extend Esri ArcGIS

Esri ArcGIS provices GIS technology from the world market leader. With WebOffice you can continue to use and expand your existing Esri infrastructure. Technically, WebOffice is a server object extension for ArcGIS Server.

Functions and workflows WebGIS functions adapted for use in industrial companies

Centrally registering and maintaining infrastructure/installations

  • Map-based storage of objects and their attribute data (e.g. factory premises, real estate, business and office space, traffic routes, railway network, power lines, buildings, cranes, storage areas, equipment, etc.)
  • Link object data to schematics, PDF documents, photos or other files
  • Use openly available maps (e.g.: WM(T)S, WFS, OSM®, BING)

Always have an up-to-date overview of properties/attributes via an information system

  • Viewing, querying and evaluating spatial data as statistics
  • Find hierarchically deep element details via full-text search
  • Analyse transport flows and locations in real time

Assess spatial effects and planning future developments

  • Estimate ranges of coverage, find all objects (e.g. objects, vehicles, persons, devices) with a certain characteristic within a defined radius
  • Trigger measures for affected elements/persons (e.g. serial letters, reports, instructions)

Mobile working and advanced routing functions for field service

  • Capture, edit and view elements directly on the mobile touch screen device (e.g. property areas, zoning)
  • Have advanced routing capabilities that take into account internal company paths
  • Document damages/accidents as photos, upload them according to location and call them up on a map

Control user rights for data processing

  • Define access and write permissions in detail (own user administration or e.g. LDAP integration)
  • Manage collaboration between office staff, field staff, commercial and technical personnel, guarantee data security

Unlimited use of advanced printing functions on the web

  • Serial printing: Distribute map sections over several pages on the same scale
  • Index printing: Print linear elements on the same scale over several pages
  • Integrate well-designed tables
  • Binding user-specific information such as LDAP attributes, logos,...

Create high quality reports

  • Recording of data, measured values, customer files, damages,...
  • Assign actions to predefined reports at the push of a button
  • High-quality reports for documentation of measures
  • Adapt the object label with the multiline free labeling to the respective question

Integrate third-party systems

  • Connect own or third-party software via API interface (e.g. reporting software, building and object databases)

References industrial companies In this reference list you will find examples of WebOffice installations for industrial companies. The references are only a small excerpt from currently more than 360 server installations.

Voestalpine AG

WebGIS factory information and analysis tool for over 4000 users at 7 locations

Volkswagen AG

Current environmental and condition data from factories and other locations processed via WebGIS

ILF Consulting Engineers

Planning and status information for projects, internal and customer information flow evaluation

ecoplus Business Park

Infrastructure management for a business park with 319 tenants

Wacker Chemie AG

Plant information system for data collection with various print & editing functions, integration of third-party systems

RWE Innogy

Intraweb information system for the operation of power plants based on renewable energy sources

Solvay GmbH

Intraweb WebGIS information system for plant premises, integration of external third-party systems

Industrial companies Interlaken (IBI)

WebGIS as intraweb information system for reporting based on ArcGIS technology