WebOffice offers specialized solutions for a wide range of applications. Benefit from our project experience and the resulting enhancements. Existing business solutions can be seamlessly integrated.

(Local) Government

From the municipality to the federal government: Many departments plan across divisions with spatial reference. In addition to internal use, citizen portals are important.


In planning, operations, marketing and call centers: Location-based access to the current status is business-critical.


Infrastructure management is the sum of many details and technical views: Planning, recognition and use of synergies.


Whether by land or water, rail or air: area and object management are associated with special requirements in all aspects of transport routes.

Oil & Gas

Company-wide information: Specialized applications from exploration to production. WebOffice links results & visualizes knowledge.

Utilities & Disposal

Ducts, manholes, trenches, pipes, cables: Planning, construction, operations and maintenance require locational information, connectivity, status and object attributes - linking different expert systems.